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Mastana Maahi is a Pakistan-originated television drama. The show was released on 26 May 2011 and continued till 15 September 2011. The show began on the Pakistani television channel HUM TV. The storyline of this serial revolves around the lives of three main characters- Aleen, Adal, and Suhaai. It presents a complex web of relationships and the problems that evolve with them. The characters of Adal, Aleen, and Suhaai are played by Fahad Mustafa Fahad Mustafa or Sunny Tunio is a popular Pakistan >> Read More... , Mehreen Raheel Mehreen Raheel is a Pakistan model cum actor. She >> Read More... , and Arisha Raazi, respectively. The cast of the serial consists of many experienced artists. The actors gave their best efforts to make the show a great success. The story begins with Aleen’s introduction. Aleen lives in abroad and is a resilient woman. She has a romantic relationship with a man much older than her.

In the meantime, Adal, the son of a well-known politician, gets married to Suhaai, who is merely a child. The journey of these three later interlinks, increasing the complexities of their lives. Aleen soon gets married to Mike. Soon, due to unfortunate instances of her miscarriage and constant bickering between the couple, they get divorced. Adal falls in love with Aleen, noticing the situation around him, and reveals the truth of his marriage with Suhaai. Following this, Aleen and Adal get married.

Their lives take a turn after their return to Pakistan when Suhaai moves to Adal’s home after ruksati (post-wedding farewell ritual). Aleen and Suhaai, the two women in Adal’s life, embrace their bonding over time. However, things start changing between them as Aleen gets insecure about Suhaai, and her jealousy escalates when Suhaai gets pregnant. Aleen develops harmful intentions towards the unborn child and plans to kill the child. Adal discovers her harmful intentions and banishes her from their home.

After some time, Suhaai gives birth to an adorable baby boy. She ends the turbulence with Aleen and mends fences by offering peace and reconciliation to Aleen. Adal, too, shows a gesture of forgiveness and welcomes Aleen back to their home. However, this was not the end but the beginning of new chaos. The time and the dynamics of the people surrounding Suhaai, Aaleen, and Adal keep testing them. The destiny of these three interlinks them in a complicated way. Mastaana Mahi is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that keeps the audience attracted to the story. The relationships in the show blended with love, jealousy, secrecy, and complications. The serial is an intriguing and grasping television drama that offers a unique perspective to the audience.



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