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Urdu Tv Serial Shaam Se Pehlay

Other names : Shaam Say Pehlay
Shaam Se Pehlay Urdu TV SERIALS on PTV Home

Shaam se Pehle is an Urdu TV series that premiered its first episode in the year 2021 on the Pakistani channel PTV Home. The show stars two main protagonists, Zain and Alina, who are from different backgrounds but fall in love, forgetting their very backgrounds and being connected by destiny. The character of Zain is played by Ali Rehman Khan, and the character of Alina is played by Hiba Bukhari. The producers of this romantic drama are Momina Duraid and Abdullah Kadwani. In the series, Zain is a rich businessman who, because of family connections, is engaged to Ayesha, whom he has known since childhood. Zain has everything in life now: money, a fiancee, and a business.

Yet he seems to not be satisfied with his life. At the same time, Alina is a common girl living as a saleswoman in a clothing store. Alina and Zain meet for the first time in the clothing store and fall in love at first sight after witnessing her joyful behavior. Zain and Alina start dating each other, and slowly Zain’s fiancee learns about the relationship between Zain and Alina. What do you think will happen next? Will Zain and Alina tackle this problem happily? Will there be a happy ending? Or will Zain neglect his feelings to save his family's reputation? Watch the whole show to learn more on the TV channel PTV Home.