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Telugu Tv Serial Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar Telugu TV SERIALS on ETV Plus

Jantar Mantar is a horror comedy TV serial that has been making their audience laugh uncontrollably with their hilarious and unique storyline and plot. It is about two friends venturing into a haunted house just to look manly and brave in front of one of the main leads girlfriend. Even though they appear to be not at all cowardly and scared but inside their mind they are freaking out badly. Just to impress the girl they are ready to take on this huge risk and challenge which they are not happy about at all. It is a hilarious comedy serial where these two men encounter several ghosts or spirits in the house and with time how they befriend them. They help these ghosts in extracting revenge for their deaths which the spirits themselves couldn’t have done it. They also fulfill the dreams of certain spirits who died without fulfilling it. Initially the spirits try to scare these two men away with their scary attitude and using spooky elements. But with time they grow fond of them and start discussing their life problems to them and ask them to solve their problems.

Jantar Mantar was received well y the audience who like the mixture of comedy and horror and friendship in it. Even though they couldn’t relate to it due to its supernatural element in it, they whole heartedly enjoyed the show due to amazing comic timing and funny dialogue deliveries. It has secured a place in its viewer’s heart who know all the characters by heart. This show was aired on ETV plus which is a famous 24 hour Telugu channel in South India. It is known to broadcast popular and good shows on their channel. Out of them Jantar mantar is one of them. It has gained a fair amount of TRP due to its good and entertaining story line which has captivated its viewer’s heart and mind.

The episodes are available on YouTube for the public viewing who have lost out on the show due to various reasons. ETV plus is known to dedicate its channel to the birth of exciting new serial of various genres and this show is exactly that which the channel and the audience was looking for. With its array of talented cast Jantar Mantar fails to disappoint you in the horror comedy genre.