Telugu Tv Serial Bhojaraja Kathalu

Bhojaraja Kathalu Telugu Tv serials on Dd telugu

The Telugu TV series "Bhojaraja Kathalu" debuted on the DD Telugu channel on March 26, 2022. The central relationship in the narrative is between Bhojraju and the renowned poet Kalidasa. They have a unique kinship that has been marked by amazing occurrences that have grown legendary throughout time. The television show transports us to a fantastical realm where we see Kalidasa and Bhojraju's extraordinary bond. Each episode features engrossing tales that combine mythology, history, and folklore. These stories highlight the close relationship between the poet and the mysterious Bhojraju, whose meetings were said to be predetermined by fate. The program creates a realistic portrait of a bygone era rich in wonder and intrigue through an engaging narrative. It explains how the remarkable bond between Kalidasa and Bhojraju came about. To know more about the serial, watch it on DD Telugu.