Tamil Tv Show Samayal Mandhiram

Samayal Mandhiram Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

It is a Tamil television serial which airs on Captain TV channel. It used to come from Monday to Saturday at 11 PM on the network. The show has till date completed 100 episodes on the channel but is not so popular among the viewers. It based on the way how the host of the series who is a sexologist tries to improve the life of people by consuming the right amount of food and also the type of nourishment. Thus she helps the spectators in enhancing their sexual life with just the right quantity of consumption. Thus her helpful advice is beneficial to a certain amount of folks. Every episode of the serial is around 30 min in which she deals with the problems of the people and tries to give them a solution for it.

The host of the show is Divya Krishnan who is imparting sex education through the series. Thus she provides tips to improve your health and deal with the problems of obesity in one’s life for the betterment of life. Along with the helpful tips, she also shares some of the useful recipes which could help in doing so and making an individual’s life better. Thus this show comes every night and it is hosted by Divya who has also anchored various other programs of the channel. Thus, in short, the serial can be termed as sex education cooking program where she tries to help the people in reducing their weight and getting their obesity off so that their life could be enhanced. The series is still on-going on the network.

Although it is been watched by many people who are getting benefits from each and every episode of the show, it is not a very high-level performance serial wherein the people are so much excited to watch it and thus this clearly depicts or is revealed through the TRP of the show. Thus the makers are trying to make the best possible to come out of the situation. Despite, the show not been running successfully, the makers have not lost hope, and the host i.e. Divya Krishnan comes up every night to give away her useful tips and suggestion for those people to whom it is certainly beneficial. The show is also regarded, as a bit different from all other serials which have been telecasted on the channel as it comes up with a different concept.