Tamil Tv Serial Isaiyodu Vilayadu

Isaiyodu Vilayadu Tamil tv-serials on Sun Music


It is a Tamil show which aims in finding a winner who at the end gets a gift prize. The serial used to air on Burrp TV and later on the Sun music TV. The series used to telecast every Saturday from 6 PM-7PM. The genre of the serial is a game show. It is a musical event in which the participants are shown a video clip and various other audio clips after the caller has been asked several questions. If he/she answers them correctly, then he/she wins a gift hamper.

The format of the series is that if the person on the call is not able to give the correct answer to the question which has been asked then the person does not get anything. But if they give the right response then they win a gift. The host of the show is one other than Vj Manimegalai. She is pursuing her MBA degree from SRM College. She is one of the top hosts of the channel and thus she is known for the way she hosts a serial. Her way of speaking and presentation is so different that it makes the show a major watch by the audience.

One more highlight of the series is the type clothes she wears. Her style could be regarded as a style statement in the fashion industry, and she is been appreciated a lot for the way she carries herself. Thus the show was a bit different and unique and therefore it got a lot of a TRP on the television and also proved to be helpful for the network in turn. The spectators enjoyed the series, and thus they liked seeing it. Thus the series used to entertain the audience very much and therefore it was loved a lot by the viewers. It made them watch each and every episode and enjoy themselves while seeing it.

In every episode, the host tries to create some kind of fun in between it so that it does not become tiresome and monotonous. Thus she always tries to crack one or the other joke on the part of the episode so to keep the spirits of the people upright and also so that they do not change the channel and continue watching the show. The series was a big hit at the time and was a good source of entertainment for the people.