Tamil Tv Serial Ettukku Ettu

Ettukku Ettu Tamil Tv serials on Makkal tv
Ettukku ettu was telecasted in Makkal Tv in 2007.It was considered as a totally different show with different ideas. The show was aired from Mondays to Fridays at 19.30 pm.The show meaning eight by eight, denoting its name was with eight segments.The thirty minutes show consisted of eight segments as the following.

Thandora: The native drum that was used in the olden days while making public announcements,Thandora was an interesting ‘curriculum vitae-on-the-small screen’ about a famous personality or any event happened recently. It was elaborate with an introduction, current updates and a conclusion on the particular event or the personality discussed.

Periyorgale Thaaimargale: This segment with the sentence which is trade mark opening talk of the politicians until today, was about the campaign about the politicians and the real story was told in it. Vidaathu Karuppan , the host enthralled the viewers by answering questions with wit and sarcasm by aimed at politicians in real life.

Muchchandhi: Muchchandhi,with the literal meaning of three strets,this was a satirical segment which featured three characters who discussed about the news and day to day affairs in the street. In this, one of the characters innocently and ignorantly, everyday brought up the topic of the day taking a supporting stand with another character opposing it and explaining the former about the flip side of the discussed topic. The third character shed more light on the topic explains it and make them compromise.

Kaathamuthu Kavirayan: In his segment, the sardonic poet, every episode took a dig at various social anomalies with a contemporary poem filled with serious thoughts expressed in lighter vein which made the viewers laugh out with real enjoyment.

Kurukkum Nedukkum: Kurukkum nedukkum was a segment of crossword puzzle based on that day’s news. Five lucky respondents who wrote the correct answers to ‘Kurukkum Nedukkum’ won a silver vermillion every episode.

Vikata Nimidam: A puppet show for a minute, on current affairs was in this segment,Vikata Nimidam, which was very informative.

Makkal Manasu: Makkal manasu was about the thoughts of the people. It was an opinion-poll segment, in which, the people voiced their opinions on a burning issue that was worth for the discussion.

Ivar Kaattula Mazhai: In this segment. The crew of the Makkal Tv, with the camera, moved and walked through the crowds of the people in public places and captured the faces whom we meet everyday on our streets. One of the randomly recorded faces was circled and the person selected was gifted with a gold coin.

This show was applauded and appreciated by the fans of MakkalTv, and was enjoyed to the core.