Odia Tv Serial Tarini Akhira Tara

Tarini Akhira Tara Odia TV SERIALS on Tarang TV

Tarini Akhara Tara is an Odia-language TV serial that airs on TARANG TV. This entertainment-based program revolves around the life of the namesake characters, Tarini(played by Suman Pattnaik) and Tara (played by Asima Pati). The prime-time serial is one of the most-watched shows onOdia TV. The serial’s plot accumulates and dwells on the concept of sisterly love and friendship. Tarini and Tara, the two sisters, set up an example of the love-hate relationship siblings go through. The love that keeps them together and the ego that keeps them apart.

Tarini Akhara Tara is an immensely popular serial amongst the Odia households, and the characters are famous for their portrayals. Besides the two namesake cast, it includes Saplin Mishra, Dev Mohanty, Mili Mohanty, Ranjita Panigrahi, Mithilesh Kumar, and Bikas Satpathy in prime roles.