Hindi Tv Show Sab Ka Bheja Fry

Sab Ka Bheja Fry Hindi Tv shows on Sab tv

SAB Ka Bheja Fry’ was a laughter comedy show telecast every Monday-Thursday at 10 pm. The twenty-minute program covered three mini- sitcoms and gags each. In comedy, sometimes a gag conveys its humour visually.

Hence in ‘Sab Ka Bheja Fry’, the serial maker wanted to create humor by an alternative interpretation of the goings on visual gags. Bheja Fry was a comedy play with three separate gag shows. Each gag show was telecasted every half-an-hour episode for five minutes. Each gag show will center on one of the four roles created for the play. Therefore, there is one character ’ Muft Ka Chandan’, played by Suresh Menon Suresh Menon was born on 10th January 1967 in Mumb >> Read More... , who is a miser and refuses to pay for anything. Then there was ‘Tension Thambi’, played by Kiku Sharda Kiku Sharda is a talented actor, comedian and, als >> Read More... , who is always tense about something. Also, there was Kunal Kumar Kunal Kumar is an Indian Bollywood Actor known for >> Read More... as ‘Feroze Faltu’ who thinks he is the biggest don around.

Above all, there was Ali Sagar who was called ‘Sawant,’ who has more than 1,000 sisters but not a single girlfriend. The show was directed by Kumar Bhatia A writer as well as a director, Kumar Bhatia is re >> Read More... and produced by Contiloe Film. This show ’Bheja Fry’ did not gain much TRPs and later on the format of the serial was changed too.