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Splitsvilla 5 Hindi Tv shows on M tv

MTV Splitsvilla is a TV show that runs on MTV. It is a very popular show amongst youngsters. On account of its fame; it has come a long way to finish 8 seasons. The concept is very similar to the American show Flavor of Love. It casts young boys and girls between the ages of 18-30. They compete with one another in the struggle for power and try their level best to stay in the villa. It is the journey of love, honesty, breakups, and betrayal. While winning the competition is the aim of some contestants, a lot of them also come in search for love.

The show is not just about the competition but also to build relationships which is actually the main motto of the show. It is not at all simple to do so the way it seems. It shows how other contestants try to pull the other ones down. When one plays honestly, others do everything they can to get that person eliminated. The contestants have to be very careful with their words for they can be changed by others and used in the wrong way. Also, as the struggle goes on, one gets to see the double faces of so many people. The show progresses with the help of competitions at each phase. There are competitions where contestants have to participate. The one who wins is saved for the week, and the ones who lose are sent to the dumping zone where they can be dumped by the King or Queen.

Usually, they do so to the ones they are not in good terms with. That is why it is important to be in the favor of the current king or queen. Contestants try their best to please them and mostly support their friends to get the seat. With time, a lot of other contestants join the show through the Wild Card. Some seasons also offer a twist by including a rule book that can change the game for some. Season 5 took place in April 2012.There were around 16 contestants including 8 boys and girls. The host of this season was VJ Nikhil Chinappa. A

fter overcoming all the hurdles, the show was won by Akanksha Popli and Paras Chhabra. The winning title of the season was Love Gone Wild. Though MTV Splitsvilla is a very popular show from the very first season among the young audience especially, it has mixed reviews. A lot of people favor it because of the fun and excitement they get to watch. Also, there are negative points for the way it is presented. The kinds of contestants who come to participate are not appreciated.

People do not welcome the language spoken by the contestants of the show which is harsh and abusive and also their behavior. Though it shows the efforts by the contenders to win, there are hardly any who participate sincerely. In spite of being a reality show, most of the times it appears scripted. However, Splitsvilla is still pretty popular for the excitement it offers and also the suspense. It is always thrilling to see where the story might take a turn and who will win at the end.