Hindi Tv Show MTV Splitsvilla 1

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‘MTV Splitsvilla-1’ is a reality show on MTV India. It is a copy of American reality show ‘Flavor of Love’. The session one was shot in and around Goa. The episode was in Hindi and was created by Purvish Bhatt. The host of the first session was VJ Rannvijay Singh.

Actually, the whole reality show had a total of eight sessions. The story of the serial was the love story of young boys and girls who mingle to find the meaning of love in life.

They try to secure a place in a villa which is named as ‘Splitsvilla’ (as per the name of the show) where they stay and take part in the competition. There is a lot of jealousy, hatred, backstabbing, love, etc. among them in the house as the contestants. There is also a king and queen who dump the lovers. Ultimately who does not get dumped or eliminated, becomes the winner of the reality show. One boy and one girl are crowned as winners of ‘Splitsvilla’. This is the reality show all about. In the session one, two boys Varun Saina and Vishal Karwal has a job to find their ultimate girl of their dreams. They come across 20 girls in Goa. The two boys put the girls through tough tests.

The girls face a lot of emotional challenges in order to get not dumped. One, who is dumped, leaves the show. In this way, a winner is selected. Shraddha Haribhai was the winner of the show of this season. Among the boys, Vishal was winner and Varun were eliminated. After winning the crown, Shraddha Haribhai goes to choose Vishal. But Vishal’s champion was challenged by Varun. They had to fight over three contests. Vishal was the ultimate winner.

Two girls Kanika Narbar and Anubha were dumped by Varun, and two other girls namely Sneh Richa and Shruti Rawat were dumped by Vishal. Thus, 19 girls (contestants) got eliminated one by one. The show had two boys and twenty girls, selected from auditions. The executive producers were Luke Wienecke, Justin Cousson, and Issan Hirsch. Colosceum Media had produced this show. After winning the show, Shraddha and Vishal got an opportunity to host an MTV show named ‘MTV Couplesutra’ which was a just ten-minute duration. The first session of ‘MTV Splitsvilla’ was aired in 2008.