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Sadness? Distress? Helplessness? Problems? If one is good, good things are always bound to happen, even in the form of a supernatural, and this is what we see in the Abhimanyu Singh production and Manikya Raju directed, Maruti Mera Dost, which is a live-action, animated film, released on 5th June 2009. Being of the Genre, Drama, the film targets the kids and instils the moral value that eventually good always triumphs over evil. On the occasion of his birthday amidst his friends, Varun proposes Rameshwari, the daughter of Kunwar Raghavendra Singh, but she affirms that she will only be able to marry him if she gets the approval from her friend, Maruti who is Lord Hanuman.

Varun and his friends do not believe her words and she is forced to narrate a tale that took place when she was a child in Dholpur which is a small village near Agra. Eight-year-old Rameshwari was born in a rich household. Her father Kunwar Raghavendra Singh is a widower and fails in his responsibilities to look after his daughter. Kunwar marries Mohini so that Rameshwari does not feel the absence of a mother but with the marriage, came all the more problems in the eight-year-Old’slife, in the form of Kokoi. Kokoi, who happens to be Mohini’s mother moves in with her daughter with the intentions of usurping the wealth of the Singh household. Her evil aims result in actions that further troubles Rameshwari, who does not find any refuge in anyone.

Kokoi along with her brother Sadhu Pahalwan who shares the same intentions, calls in a man, Bhakshu who happens to summon demons and evil spirits. Together they make life, unbearable for Rameshwari. With nobody to save her from all the cruel intentions, Rameshwari seeks refuge in her devotion for Lord Hanuman and miraculously her problems seem to disappear when Lord Hanuman enters her life as a young super-boy Maruti. Introduced as a rescuer of Rameshwari, Maruti and Rameshwari become friends.

Rameshwari introduces him to her father, who allows him to stay with them. Both of them become great friends until the manipulativeKokoi accuses Maruti of theft. She manipulates Raghavendra to throw Maruti out of the house, and Rameshwari is rendered helpless. The turmoil does not last long as Maruti is eventually able to teach the evil Kokoi and her deputies a lesson and thus making all the sadness in Rameshwari’s life disappear. Moral values and faith instilled through a fun filled comedy, Maruti Mera Dost makes all of us cheer as we witness the triumph of good over evil.