Hindi Tv Show Adaalat Season 1

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 Adaalat is an Indian television courtroom drama series around, Advocate K.D. Pathak, very well known as KD, is played by Ronit Roy, as a Criminal Defence Lawyer with an impeccable record of winning cases. He is very smart at setting helpless innocent victims free, but not at the cost of upholding the justice. K.D. Pathak is kind, witty and sophisticated yet an unconventional lawyer. Every time he enters the court room for handling a case, he fights for the truth and justice, not for his clients. He keeps himself constant and collective about the case issues and he never loses his temper.

K.D. Pathak always gets the case, which no one wants to take. K.D. Pathak's assistant and a police inspector ( Shrikant Dave) are on his team and help him in every case to find out the truth. Both of them worship him and believe him as he never ditches the truth behind the bars and always saves the life of innocent people. K.D. Pathak faces lots of troubled situations like threatening from the underworld, rich people, and politicians but these all never let him down, and he never backs out of a case.

At times when situations turn critical and when the hope of the client is low, K.D. Pathak never surrenders from the case, at the end he seeks victory. In the courtroom K.D. Pathak is refered to as" the angel of truth " who does anything to find the truth and justice. Every time he faces a new case he has new tasks ahead of him and he welcomes it with open hands. Romit Raj as K.D. Pathak's assistant and Ajay Nain as Inspector Shrikant Dave did their roles very well, and utilised the opportunity, that they received in this highly acclaimed show. Adaalat is a kind of special show that gives the viewers an edge on the seat experience.

Another Version 

Adaalat is an Indian courtroom drama series that revolves around KD Pathak, played by Ronit Roy. He is a Criminal Defense Lawyer with a record number of wins for his cases. He always did everything in his power to win suits for his clients and the same time, never let down justice during his search for the truth. Likewise, he was always calm and collected in the courtroom and never lost his temper at his opposition. With the facts gathered, he would defeat the opposing party before they even knew what hit them by personally investigating the crimes. People in the show either loved him or were intimidated by him. He always took cases that people had no hope for and always won in them. Since he had an impeccable winning streak and helped throw bad people in jail, he was always getting into trouble with the people from the underworld, rich people, or snotty politicians. He was never scared by them and always did his job of delivering justice. In the show, he is referred to as the "angel of truth" as he was truthful to his job and did everything in his power to be the perfect role model to the people looking up to him. His assistant cum a police inspector, Srikanth Dave, was always by his side and supported him. They helped him look for the truth in every case, worshiped him, and believed him at his worst. They were the only ones who never left his side when things got bad for him. Ronit Roy did a fantastic job as KD Pathak and made us feel like we were with him. Some parts made the viewers grip the edge of their seats, pray for KD when he was in trouble with the bad guys, and celebrate with him when he won. The whole show was a roller coaster ride from start to finish and never failed to impress viewers.