Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Hai Aashiqui Siyappa Ishq Ka

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Siyappa Ishq Ka Hindi TV SHOWS on Bindass Play

Yeh Hai Aashiqi Siyappa Ishq Ka is a Hindi language television show. This popular Television show has been aired TV screens by one of the amazing Hindi TV channel, Bindass. Yeh Hai Aashiqi Siyappa Ishq Ka is the season 2 of the popular TV show Yeh Hai Aashiqi. The season 2 of this TV show aired on August, 25 in the year 2013 with this new name.

The TV show has been hosted by one of the known names of the industry; Rithvik Dhanjani. This TV show is about love stories, lovers, their struggles, their best moments, their fights and, their story of winning each other's love. Many actors like Annie Gill, Jitendra Nokewal, Shrishti Ganguly Rindani, Mahi Sharma, Teeshay Shah, Sheetal Singh and, many other talented artists were part of this show.

One of the stories was about Krishika and Nick. Krishika had an ugly past due to which she remains away even from the thought of love. Nick one day discovers a romantic side of Krishika and, wants to get into friendship with her. This weekend that she spends with Nick changes her way of looking at life and, she is ready to give herself and her life a chance. Another story was about Adi and Pankhu. They are childhood friends Pankhu realizes that she has got feelings for Adi as she gets jealous of the fact that Adi and Shweta are together. Next story was about Avi and, Ananya. Ananya is a nerdy, typically studious kind of girl and, secretly she has some crush on Avi whereas, she doesn't know this herself. Avi treats Ananya really well, but she thinks all of that exists because she helps him a lot. But, one day Avi confesses his love for her. But, Ananya finds out that Avi has betrayed her and, has been seeing some other girl. They break up. After this, their lives pass by and, Anaya starts working in a firm where she finds Avi as her boss. After sometimes both of them realize that they still have emotions and feelings for each other after all that what happened some years ago.

The TV show Yeh Hai Aashiqi Siyappa Ishq Ka came to an end on 22nd March 2015. The season 2 of the famous TV show got more love, more viewership and, high ratings than the Season 1. The youngsters follow this show to a great extent.