Hindi Tv Serial Total Dreamer

 Total Dreamer Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Total Dreamer belongs to rom-com genre. It is originally a Brazilian telenovela, under the name, Total mente Demais. It was broadcasted and produced by Rede Globo. It came from 9 November 2015 to 30 May 2016. It was a Portuguese show. It later came to India on Zindagi TV from 10 April 2017. It was first Brazilian show to come on the channel. It was dubbed in Hindi. It was created by Paulo Halm and Rosane Svartman and also both has written the show along with Felipe Cabral, Claudia Sardinha, MárioViana, and Fabrício Santiago.

Luiz Henrique Rios directed it, and RogérioVaz was theme music composer. It is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion. The scenes of the show were recorded in Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Quay Restaurant, Bondi Beach and Botanical Garden of Australia; Flamengo, Benfica, Lapa, municipalities of Guapimirim&Cachoeiras de Macau of Rio de Janeiro; and Punta del Este and Montevideo of Uruguay. This is the journey of Eliza from a simple girl to a model. The story is of Eliza who is 18 years old. She is a simple girl but have big dreams.

She with the help of her mother runs away from her house which is in a fictional city, Campo Claro, which is of Carioca interior as she was harassed by Dino, her stepfather. She doesn’t know anything about her biological father. Gilda, her mother only told her that her father was a truck driver and he spends his most time on the road only. Her only dream is to find him and thus help her family to leave their difficult situation of living. She just wants to help her mother and siblings. Gilda has two children with Dino.

She was treated well by Dino in her childhood but everything changed when her step-siblings were born. She is helped by a truck driver on the way. She goes to the city just to try her luck but gets robbed as soon as she reaches Rio de Janeiro, so she has to live in the streets. Eliza meets Jonatas who for running his family sells bleats (work as candy street hawker) on traffic lights in Lapa. He lives in Carioca Capital's West zone. He belongs to a humble family and lives in an abandoned theater in the city at present.

Jacaré who is an outlaw threatens Eliza. He is very dangerous and feared. She decides to earn money by selling flowers in restaurants and bars with the help of Jonatas who is very charismatic. They develop a very good bond and eventually he becomes her first love but he always suffers due to her absence. While they are about to take their relation to next level, Eliza tells him about her stepfather’s doing that how he tried to take advantage of her and how whenever she went to her mother she only blamed her. He is moved to hear this and agrees to remain as just business partner and friends.

On one day, she meets Arthur who is a businessman. This one meeting changes her entire life. He owns an Excalibur modeling agency. He promises to make her a successful model, but she rejects his proposal. She instead gets employed where she has to suffer persecutions from Carolina. Carolina is a ruthless editor who is relaunching her famous fashion magazine, Total Dreamer. She is very ambitious and can fight for anything that she wishes which had made her career an example for others in the industry.

She is very focused and professional but loves Arthur. Arthur is actually a divorcee and has a daughter, Maria João nicknamed as Jojô. It turns out that he was in a bet with Carolina that he could make anyone a successful, glamorous model and has chosen Eliza for the same. He is a very intelligent, kind, polite and observant man. The twist comes when Arthur starts loving Eliza that too madly which leaves Carolina furious. Carolina gets another accomplice in Cassandra who had relation without commitment with him and wants to sabotage his and Eliza's relation.

So what would Eliza do when she gets world served on a silver platter for her by destiny? Would she honor simple dreams or would she get carried away by glam and glitz of fashion world? The cast included Juliana Paes aka Carolina Castilho, Marina Ruy Barbosa aka Eliza de Assis Monteiro, FábioAssunção aka Arthur Carneiro de Alcântara, Julianne Trevisol aka Maria Luísa nicknamed as Lu, Felipe Simas aka Jonatas Castro, Hélio de la Peña aka Zé Pedro, Samantha Schmütz aka Dorinha, Olívia Torres aka DéboraMatoso, OrãFigueiredo aka Hugo Matoso, ViviannePasmanter aka Liliane de Bocaiuva Monteiro nicknamed as Lili, Juliana Paiva aka Sandra Regina Matoso also known as Cassandra, Humberto Martins aka Germano Monteiro, and Daniel Rocha aka Rafael Guerra. Other cast included Carla Salle, Priscila Steinman, Daniel Blanco, Paulo Rocha, Leona Cavalli, Malu Galli, Giovanna Rispoli, SérgioMalheiros, Samantha Schmütz, ReginaldoFaria, Marat Descartes, Pablo Sanábio, Glória Menezes, Raphael Sander, GuidaVianna, Aline Fanju, AiltonGraça, LavíniaVlasak, Adriana Birolli, Gabriel Reif, CarolynaAguiar, Aline Borges, Lellezinha, Juan Paiva, Tony Garrido, CaduPaschoal, Marcelo Arnal, Michelle Costa, Dhonata Augusto, Leonardo Carvalho, Kaik Brum, Isabella Koppel, Hélio de La Peña, Jéssica Ellen, and Cauê Campos. The show had special appearance by actors like Gabrielle Aplin, Scarlet Cardoso, Suzanne Cordovil, Maura Mesquita, MaluFalangola, Marina Cardoso, Lenita Oliver, AlarisseMattar, Karine Barros, Gabriela Carcaioli, Paulo Dalagnoli, José Victor Castiel, CréoKellab, TatáWerneck, Iná de Carvalho, TaináBevilacqua, Lady Francisco, CláudiaSardinha, Luca Ribeiro, Fernanda Motta, Danielle Winits, Mariana Rios, Rodrigo Rangel, Helena Fernandes, Henri Castelli, Ana Furtado, Giovanna Ewbank, Paulo Zulu, Úrsula Corona, Ícaro Zulu, Patrícia Barros, Carol Castro, Nicola Siri, Sílvia Pfeifer, and Stênio Garcia.