Hindi Tv Serial Rakshak

Rakshak Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

Rakshak is a short TV show to be broadcasted on Life Ok. This is a new serial initially projected for 8 episodes only and produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. But it faced  the delay, in its launching due to its dark concept which was objected by IandB Ministry, after the Brutal Delhi rape case Ministry issued guidelines regarding what to be broadcasted and what not to broadcast.

The story of this show revolves around main character Rakshak, played by Rajesh Shringarpure. Rakshak comes as a saviour and fights crime with crime. He brutally kills people who commit heinous crimes thus saving other peoples from their crime. Rajesh Shringarpur plays the role of such a person who commits the crime to curb the criminals. He brutally kills criminal’s evil mind and those who are a threat to society, however, this is illegal. He is famous in his society as Rakshak. He kills all those who are a threat to peaceful society.

The show schedule to be started in January 2013 couldn’t be aired yet due to the stern Guidelines issued by IandB Ministry. Ministry has become strict and has put up norms of ‘what is to be aired’ and ‘what is not to be aired’. As Raskshak has the much brutal scenes.