Hindi Tv Serial Raja Aur Rancho

Raja Aur Rancho Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Raja Aur Rancho was one of the best television series during the 90s. It was broadcasted on the DD Metro channel at 9 pm in the year 1997. It deals with detecting and investigation. It was the most watched show because of the monkey showed on the show. The active participation of the monkey made all the watchers to adore it. The director and the producer of the show are Murali Nallappa. The main characters of the show are Mohan Bhandari, Ved Thapar and wonder monkey. Ved Thapar played the role of the detector (Raja).

Later in the show, Ved Thapar dies, and Mohan Bhandari plays the role of the detector in the same name. The monkey’s name is Rancho. Rancho is a well-trained and well-mannered monkey. Mr. Guptha had been to Shimla. There he met Rancho, and they became emotionally attached to each other in a couple of days. While returning Rancho also came along with Mr. Guptha. After the murder of Mr. Guptha, Rancho stays with detector Raja. Rancho becomes close to detector Raja during the phase of investigating Mr. Guptha’s murder.

Rancho is true from heart. He is ready to follow all the commands of his masters. He is always with his master in each and every challenge. This show had interesting sequences and concepts. Every week Raja and Rancho solved new crimes. It is an adventurous activity for both of them. There is the entry of new characters in each story. Every episode ends with valuable information to the viewers. This show proves truth and honesty always surpass lies and evil.

Raja and Rancho crossover varieties of characters, unethical norms and human emotions to provide the richest fare in crime to convey the reality. Always reality and truth are bitter, but we need to accept it. This show revolves around finding the black hands. But, at the same time, the team never ends the episode there. They try to produce and project the consequence of bad deeds. They are making the viewers aware of human relationships, drivers for evil actions, the value of life, the importance of being true and much more. It also shows the honesty and sincerity of pets towards their master.

To conclude, this show stands not only for crime detection and investigation but also the disappearing human values. The team succeeded in fulfilling their main objectives as people accepted this show.