Hindi Tv Serial Masakali

Masakali Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Masakali is the latest Indian TV drama series aired on Sahara One. This series is directed by Pratik Shah. This is most popular drama series of Sahara One. This is a story of Chandani, a very beautiful, bold, friendly, jolly and naughty girl. Due to these qualities she was called Masakali by her college friends. She is open minded and doesn’t believe in societies traditional cultures. But no one understands her feeling, they are not sensible to understand her. She always raises voice against the restrictions, boundaries and rules imposed on girls by the society.

Everyone thinks Masakali a characterless girl due to her open minded nature. However Bhua is the only one who understands her and knows that she is not a characterless girl. She is very supportive to her and she understands her feelings, thoughts and her innocence like no one else. Chandani’s father plans to get Chandani married with a well educated guy Shekhar, who believes that he wants to know Chandani first, and then may decide the future about their relationship.

Chandani shares a healthy friendship with Shekhar and at the same time Shekhar falls in love with Chandani’s innocence and her open mindedness. After that Chandani finds the man of her life Vishal, and falls in love with him. Characters in the serial are, Chandani whose role is played by Nisha Nagpal, Palki Sharma whose role is played by Bharati Sharma, Vinod Goyal whose role is played by Madan Tyagi, Bhua whose role is played by Mugdha Shah, Nandu whose role is played by Sunil Malik.