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Produced by the Mumbai-based Rajaram Patidar, the serial is a fun packed family entertainer. The comedy genre is led by Upasana Singh, Umesh Bajpai, Vijay Mishra and other artists. Every artist have contributed equivalently in the show. The laughter bundled serial has the perfect humorous characters to make the audience suffer from longer laugh and keep them healthy. The serial has an exciting classroom. The serial revolves around one young, adducing and dynamic dowager teacher. She educates the villagers with different lessons of skills in the English language, decorum, and customs.

The teacher is of high ambition like her fellow mates in her profession hailing from the city. But she differs from the goals of her fellow mates. She wishes to improve the standards of English, especially concentrating on the communication skills of the villagers. Also, she toils hard to improve the behavior as well as the interaction skills of the villagers. Thus, to sum up, she likes to strive hard to make the villagers in line with the city dwellers. Her students are diverse. Some young, some old, some men and some women. Every village individual who is concerned and noticeable in the region is taking part in her lectures.

Though the teacher is very ambitious to make the villagers on par with the city residents, in contrary to her intentions her students have a difference in their ambition with each student having a distinct goal. Almost every men in the village join the classes. Some come with the idea of flirting the teacher while others come to win over the hearts of their crush. Will the clash of ambitions with the teacher and her students make her fail? Will she head back to the city without achieving her dreams and target? Can the villagers improve their behavior and language skills? Can the villagers improve the village?

Can the attentive teacher and the diverted students join to win the race for their life? All the answers rest with the serial. Find it by watching it. Overall, the serial happens to be the biggest stress buster of all times. Do not forget to enjoy the serial. Disclaimer: Nettv4u does not take any responsibility for hurting your stomach owing to the continuous laughter caused by watching this serial. It also excludes its liability for making you an addict to this serial amidst your works and causing any distraction attributed to it.