Hindi Tv Serial Khwabon Ke Darmiyaan

Khwabon Ke Darmiyaan Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Khwabon Ke Darmiyaan is a drama TV show on Doordarshan National. The show like many new shows on Doordarshan is about another social issue. Doordarshan National in a bid to revamp its look to expand the quality of its shows and to increase interest in people by launching new shows, targeting social issues and it has also started outsourcing its Entertainment programs to Private Production Houses by Auctioning. This has led to the introduction of new shows on DD National. One of them is Khwabon Ke Darmiyaan. The show premiered on DD National on 17th November, 2014 and the last episode was televised in May, 2016. The show has televised over 300 episodes in the prime time evening slot of 7:30 pm from Monday to Thursday.

The story is about how a mother whose husband deserted her while she was 4 months pregnant because she was carrying a girl in her womb for the fourth time. Due to the physical and mental abuse of the husband the child is born handicapped. The mother while four months pregnant is taken in by her best friend against the wishes of her own husband as she refuses to desert her friend in this situation. This all is shown in a flashback and the show is actually starts in the present day.

This is a story of Arti and Bhumika who stay together due to turn of events. Arti’s daughter Prathishta and Bhumika’s daughter Astha are close buddies. Prathistha is differently abled. Astha’s father doesn’t like her because he is of the opinion that it is due to her birth that his first wife passed away. Though Bhumika is the step mother of Astha, they share a very good rapport. The story progresses with the issues between Sowya (Astha’s father) and Astha. Everyone tries their best to bring them closer. But as fate would have it they are not getting closer. The plot also deals with the differently abled Prathistha’s aspiration to be a fashion designer. Bhumika’s family has one daughter Astha and one son Shekhar of their own. Shekhar does not like the mother and Pratishtha and makes fun of her for being handicapped and refuses to call her mother as Aunt. Shekhar is very impolite and has also come home after running away from the hostel his parents had sent him to. Also he doesn’t like Arti. Astha is in a relationship with a Doctor who she intends to marry.