Hindi Tv Serial Jamunia

Jamunia Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Jamunia was another one of the shows that were aired on Imagine TV before the channel wrapped up its services. This show was produced by Beyond Dreams Entertainment Limited. The crew of Jamunia covered beautiful and ancient locations. The lead is played by Bhavna Khatri who takes on the role of Jamunia, an 18 year old orphan living with her maternal Uncle and Aunty.

The story begins with Jamunia as an orphan, living with her cunning maternal uncle and aunty who try to use her in every way. She is exploited by everyone and also blamed for the death of her parents. Her life is shown very miserable and very quickly, things turn even bad for her as she is married into the family of Gajadhar Raut (played by Mohan Joshi) in exchange for money.

Gajadhar Raut had committed serious crimes early on in his life and his house had been cursed that no woman would ever be able to live there. From here on, Jamunia attempts to fight against all evils for survival while at the same time fighting the society. Her only support in the whole plot is Jai Thakur (played by Gaurav Sharma) who falls in love with Jamunia and is a very good and down to earth man himself.

She is shown fighting for herself and for her marital family and home trying to get over the old curse.