Hindi Tv Serial Dil Se Dil Tak

Dil Se Dil Tak Hindi TV SERIALS on Colors TV

Dil Se Dil Tak is a Hindi TV series which is aired daily since 30th January 2017 on colors, airs through Monday to Saturday nights. This series is a romantic story with a lot of drama. The story is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions of Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal. The story is also written by them. As of 28th April 2017, the story has 1 season and 65 episodes. Parth Banushali is the grandson of a rich family from Gujarat called the Banushalis; the family is knitted close because of the culture and tradition for generations.

Parth meets Shorvari who is a beautiful Bengali girl, she works in the same office as Parth and soon he is infatuated with her and proposes to marry her, but the Banushali’s family opposes this alliance because Shorvari is from another caste, as he cannot go back on his word of marrying her, both of them marry each other. Though both of them stay at Banushali’s mansion for about 2 years, they were separated from the distinct relations; after two years they are asked to leave the haveli.

They were deeply in love with each other so they plan to set off with each other and they plan to go to the airport, en route airport, they undergo an accident and are moved back to Banushali’s Haveli, and the fact that Shorvari is a pregnant makes it almost mandatory that the couple have to stay in the haveli, dadaji allows them to stay until the baby is delivered. During their stay Shorvari falls from staircase and gets hurt.

Doctors inform the couple that they lost the baby in the fall and Shorvari is now infertile Unable to break this news to the family, the couple tells the truth to Parth’s mom who asks them to maintain it as a secret. The couple therefore decides to undergo surrogacy and choose Teri, a bubbly gujrathi girl whose purpose in life is to earn money and go to United States, and so she becomes pregnant from insemination and she is introduced to family as Teri’s sister, and the couple plan to go to United States along with Teri.

Family thinks Teri is not necessary and cancels her ticket, but since she wants to go to United States she lies to family that she is Shorvari’s cousin and wants to take care of her, and so along with Banushali’s Grandparents, the trio sets off to United States Where they are with other Banushali’s relatives and Shorvari undergoes water therapy. Parth’s aunt Poyni and sister Sejal are suspicious of Teri, though Teri manages to impress dadaji and secures a place in Banushali’s house, but Sejal puts Teri in a complicated situation with police, who think she is doing illegal activities.