Hindi Tv Serial Chamatkar

Chamatkar Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Chamatkar is a very old and highly famous show, which was once one of the Sony TV's prime time series. The main protagonist of the show's story, Prem Kumar Choubey, was played by the very famous theatre, television and movie actor Farooq Sheikh. The story revolved around the Prem and his adventures which were caused by his unique ability to hear long distance conversations. Later, as the show progressed, the main protagonist also acquired the ability to read other people's minds. The serial became an immense hit in the Indian households due to the great comedy and humour.

Prem's adventures with his unique ability often landed him very funny situations which made the entertaining content of the television series. With his ability to hear long distance conversations and sounds, Prem made a very valuable ally to the Police as well. This added to the content and entertainment of the show, adding some seriousness to the show which further helped in eliciting more humour. Prem was also a satirical superhero of sorts, who with this unique ability was very reliable but made hilarious blunders. The scenes where he gets to read people's minds turned out tone laughter riots.

Through this ability, he could clearly know what the other person actually thought while acting out something absolutely opposite, thus escalating the humour to another level by bringing out the human follies. The television series was a huge hit because of the actor behind the main protagonist, the legendary Farooq Sheikh. More commonly known in our present generation to have played the father of Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaari Hai Deewani, Farooq Sheikh's incredible acting skills in Chamatkar took the television series and its entertainment quality to another level and played a huge role in helping the series garner the kind of fame and popularity it did.

Farooq Sheikh is often applauded for his terrific comic timing in the television series without which it would not have been able to garner such high acclaim. The main protagonist, who is really just an ordinary human being, often lands up in trouble because of his extraordinary power, is commendably portrayed by Farooq Sheikh. The character of Prem managed to connect to the audience largely because of Sheikh's acting. The series also managed to show consistency with its quality and many reasonable twists were added ti the storyline making it a good enough television series to feature on the primetime of Sony channel for a long time.