Hindi Tv Serial Ammaji Ki Galli

Ammaji Ki Galli Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Ammaji Ki Galli is a TV show of the comedy genre, written by Aparijata Sharma, and Divya Nidhi Sharma (‘Aloo Chaat’ fame). The show aired on SAB TV in the evening, running over a course of four months, from June 2011 to September 2011. Set against the background of Delhi, the show revolves around ‘Ammaji’, portrayed by veteran actress Farida Jalal, and how she plays a silent, yet pivoting role in the lives of the families residing in the ‘Galli’. There are a set of unique and compelling characters around ‘Ammaji’ that makes her life very hilariously ironic, such as Parminder, portrayed by TV giant Rakshanda Khan. Her character has been drawn up as a vivacious Punjabi girl who is obsessed with cleaning. Abir Goswami plays the gentle husband of Parminder, Sardar Surjeet Singh with efficiency.

He has been shown to be busy in his own life, probably as to avoid the embarrassment he faces due to his wife, and his son, Bachchitter. Bachchitter repetitively pings everyone with his silly questions, making Parminder angry. Among others there is Roshni Sharma, a plant lover, who treats the plant like her babies and has names assigned to each one she has. She is also a fashionista. She is married to Surinder Sharma, after a period of courtship. She fights with her family for materialistic things and hardly cares about others. She also talks very fast.

Priyanka is another funny, yet fitting character in the show, who is fond of samosas that she can never have enough of them. She is Parminder’s neighbour, who thinks of Priyanka as a younger sister and cares for her as Priyanka’s mother passed away at a young age. Priyanka is a bubbly and dumb girl, who often makes stupid comments. The presence of Kalavati has been amazingly reflected on the screen by Alka Shlesha. She speaks in a language which only her daughter-in-law, Sheetal understands, who uses a catchphrase, ‘Har Chees Mein Good Hota Hai Ji’ (There’s good in everything). Over the course of the TV show the viewers learn that there is also a twist in the tale. Everyone in the ‘Galli’ brings their problems, and their secrets to ‘Ammaji’, but ‘Ammaji’ has a secret of her own. She pretends to be paralysed, probably to stay at Parminder’s house. The show is directed by well-known director, Ravi Bhushan and produced by Contiloe Productions. The show itself has nothing new to offer other than some subtle and enjoyable characters. The entire series is enjoyable even though predictable in bits and pieces.