Hindi Tv Serial Aakhri Daao


Aakhri Dao, which translates to Last Move in English, is a yester year serial which was highly popular during its time. The story captures the struggles of people from small town , it talked about their encounter and how they adjust to the new environment when they shift to a metropolitan city on the celluloid. Anil Pathav is the director while Suresh Verma is the producer. The female protagonist of the show is an ambitious, yet innocent, and naive young girl who is not satisfied with her village life and dreams something big. She wishes to settle in a city. Soon, she embarks on her journey.

She comes to Mumbai and begins to struggle. Here, she meets a man. They bump into each other often wherein she comes to know that he too has left his home town to become successful. Gradually, they start to spend more time in each other's company, and both fall in love. They both work very hard and try to fight the odds that the city life would throw at them. After some time the girl gets a chance to act in films. Since she was already fascinated by movies and it’s glamorous world, she grabs this opportunity with both her hands.

Her hard work pays off, and she attains success and cements her place as an actress. She enjoys the work and adulation that is coming her way. However, as time passes she realizes that the glitzy world is not as fair and glamorous as it seems. She realizes that not everything is a clean and pure as was her life back in the village and that people here could be manipulative and ugly. She learns that every good thing comes at a price. She begins to resent it and miss her old, simple life. Unable to cope with the harshness, she discards everything that she earned in the city and heads back to her native home and start to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Her partner supported her through all her decisions, and he never left her when she needed him. Veteran actress Deepti Naval and late actor Farooq Sheikh were essaying the lead characters. Their stellar performance and chemistry enabled the show to become a favorite program of the viewers. Besides their acting, what also helped the show garner high viewership was the fact that both the artists had been part of successful films and had loyal fan-followers. It also impressed the critics of the country. Doordarshan Channel would broadcast the serial in the year of 1998.