English Web Series Soulmates

Soulmates English WEB SERIES on Zoom

Soulmates is a romance web series on Zoom Tv. It launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It had ten episodes. It was released on February 13th, 2019. It revolves around the two characters, Anshul and Priyanshu. They are schoolmates and accidentally meet each other in the same hotel where they are staying. Priyanshu had a crush on a girl. He comes to Shillong to follow her. There he meets Anshul. Anshul is her school friend on a solo bike trip to the northeast.

After they meet, they decide to hang up with each other. It leads to very heartfelt and personal conversations. They both decide to part ways. But fate had other plans. They meet again and decide to hang out and help each other. Anshul chooses to chase the girl Priyanshu, is after. They go on a bike trip towards the northeast. They get stranded on an island due to the wrong decision. On the island, they meet a man named Gary, with the help of Gary, both Anshul and Priyanshu realize that they have fallen for each other. Will, they both, become soulmates, or Anshul and Priyanshu will part their ways? Forms the crux.