English Tv Show Food Factor

Food Factor English OTHERS on Discovery Channel

Food Factor is an English television series which shows to the viewers the way the food we eat in our daily lives is being processed. It has six seasons with season one containing twenty-six episodes, season two and three also containing twenty-six episodes. Sebastian Cluer, James Taylor, Bobbi Wilson, Jessica Wells, Brian Quigley and Arthur Lee, are the directors of the many episodes of the television series. Bryan Burt, Susan England, Andrew Fedosov, Maia Filar, Brian Rosenbloom and James Taylor, are the writers of the many episodes of Food Factor.

Philip Whelan, Dave Baines, Corinna Lehr, Simon Lloyd, Kim Bondi, Lynn Van Rooyen, Sherri Rufh, Tanya Blake and Amy Hosking, are the producers of various episodes of Food Factor. Colleen Rusholme, Todd Schick, Daniel Nadler and Michael Nadler, are the main cast of Food Factor. The four mentioned names of the cast act as narrators of the show. The show is about showcasing how some common food products which are consumed by the population around the world are made. It shows the behind the scene images of food items being produced in factories.

Other than focusing on food produced in one country, it tours all around the world. Many factories have been visited to shoot the half an hour long episodes. It is a documentary series which also focuses on brands of food items. Razzles is a popular name in the world of candy gum. It is under a lot of pressure to produce sweet candy gums. Campbell is famous for its soup. Find out how Campbell makes its soup, and alphabets needed for it to be one of the best. A beer can become a very fine Canadian Whiskey.

Most of us wouldn't know how to use dry ice but if you want a sweet and sticky brioche, then you would need to use dry ice. While watching Food Factor, you get to discover how the crispy waffle gets its ice cream cone shape. You will also figure out how dark chocolate is transformed into something soft and creamy. Everyone has wondered what is the ingredient in Kesar. Doritos are popular all around the world. Find how they are first soggy, and how long it takes for them to turn into something crispy.