Assamese Tv Serial Eke Duiye Baro

Eke Duiye Baro Assamese TV SERIALS on Rengoni tv

Eke Duiye Baro is an Assamese serial telecasted on Rengoni TV channel. The story revolves around a man named Akash who finds himself trapped in between his two wives. While one wife is very attractive and alluring, the other is fiery and assertive. Besides these, there are many other unique characteristics.

Hence, the combination and friction between all these elements gives rise to funny situations. The songs of the serial were also hit. The serial, due to its hilarious comedy, got a lot of appraisal by the audiences. Even the actors, ‘Birina Chakravarty,’ ‘Anushka Talukdar,’ and ‘Surabhi Das,’ gained a lot of popularity after featuring in this daily soap.