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Turbo Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

The Dream Works Animation SKG is back with another heartwarming film for the kids and teens out there. The teaser of this film starts off with a song from Foster the People called ‘Don’t Stop’ and it gets everyone groove on. The digitalization and animation of the scenes are fabulous which keeps the crowd engrossed through the trailer. David Soren, the director of the movie, has created some reputable films like Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda, which has not disappointed the audience at any point of their sequels.

Turbo provides a sense of hope for the younger crowd that nothing is impossible, and to dream the impossible is never too wrong, the trailer points out that the story is about a snail, who never thought he could live his life long dream of being fast, but dreams always have a way of coming true. This trailer even tells us never to fear being different in a society as those are the ones that bring about a change that they never imagined.

Turbo did not fear to compete with the big and scary cars, so the kids watching this movie should know that you are never too small to do what you aim for. This movie shows the difference between the speed of life in a humanitarian society and otherwise, teaching the audience some valuable learning with a good laugh throughout