Kill Me Three Times


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Kill Me Three Times Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer for ‘Kill me three times’ starts off as a typical crime, thriller movie taking a crack at comedy. It opens with a man lying on the floor wondering about the circumstances that lead to the situation at hand. Charlie Wolfe is a private investigator and a contract killer, hired to murder a man’s cheating wife for fifty grand. But he finds out that the lady’s dentists had the same plan and beat him to the task.

The result for all involved seems to be about the money. The trailer portrays a convoluted storyline of betrayal, blackmail, and violence. Every person involved is trying to save themselves. There’s the dentist couple who murdered the wife and, the corrupted police officer blackmailing them for the money. Through it all, we have Charlie Wolfe, sitting back and enjoying the show, causing mayhem for everyone. The movie has its fair share of obscene language and scenes of nudity and not meant for children.

It employs a twisted sense of humor and switches between being humorous and morbid. The story is not for those who are offended by mature and twisted themes. Though the plot seems hard to understand, it promises to be an entertaining movie.