Cold Comes The Night


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Cold Comes The Night Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Cold Comes the Night is an action/thriller crime film directed by Tze Chun. Alice Eve plays the role of Chloe, a single mother, struggling to take care of her daughter. She owns a run-down motel that she lets a corrupted cop, Billy, pimp out for his clients. Due to an unforeseen situation, she and her daughter get kidnapped by a blind Russian mobster. Topo, the mobster, having lost his partner, forces Chloe to be his eyes and help retrieve a valuable package.

What follows is a deadly game to recover the stolen money. Alice plays a dramatic role in portraying the victim due to unfortunate circumstances. Her foremost concern is the welfare of her daughter, and the next is to get as far away from the killer as possible. Topo, played by Bryan Cranston, is exceptional as a ruthless mobster and executes a notable performance in the movie. The trailer does not give anything away and keeps the plot line in suspense without revealing too much. Although the story line seems like any other generic thriller movie, a solid performance from the cast elevates it to a new level.