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Martin Luther King is a 2023 Indian Telugu language, political satire, comedy-drama film directed and edited by Puja Kolluru in her directional debut. The fil

Martin Luther King Movie Review

Martin Luther King Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Written by Madhura Ghosh Dastidar
Review for the film " Martin Luther King"
Streaming On: Netflix
Runtime: 2 hrs 26 mins
Certificate: U
Released: 27-10-2023
Genre: Drama, Comedy
4 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • S Sashikanth
  • Chakravarthy Ramachandra
  • S Sashikanth
  • Chakravarthy Ramachandra
  • Music Director:
  • Smaran
  • Cinematographer:
  • Deepak Yaragera
  • Editor:
  • Puja Kolluru
  • Director:
  • Puja Kolluru
  • Art Director:
  • Rohan Singh
  • Sound Designer:
  • Sachin Sudhakaran
  • Director of Photography:
  • Deepak Yaragera
  • Music Composer:
  • Smaran Sai
  • Actor:
  • V.K. Naresh
  • Venkatesh Maha
  • Sampoornesh Babu
  • Supporting Actors:
  • Saranya Pradeep
  • GR Venkatesh Maha
  • Sampoornesh Babu
  • V.K. Naresh
  • Actress:
  • Sharanya Pradeep
  • Storywriter:
  • Madonne Ashwin

Martin Luther King Click to look into! >> Read More... Martin Luther King is a 2023 Indian Telugu language, political satire, comedy-drama film directed and edited by Puja Kolluru in her directional debut. The film stars Sampoornesh Babu Sampoornesh Babu is a Telugu actor who is popular >> Read More... Sampoornesh Babu in the lead role while Naresh, Sharanya Pradeep Sharanya Pradeep is an entertainer in Telugu film >> Read More... Sharanya Pradeep and Venkatesh Maha play supportive roles. The music for the film is composed by Smaran Sai Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Smaran Sai , and Deepak Yaragera handles the camera. It is jointly produced under YNOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment by S. Sashikanth, Chakravarthy, and Ramachandra. This is a Telugu adaptation of the Tamil film “Mandela”.


In Padamarapadu, a local cobbler without a name or identity is suddenly persuaded by two opposing groups when he gets a Voter ID, as his vote becomes the single deciding vote in the village elections. Will he reap the benefits of his privilege or use it as a tool for social change?

Star Performance

Sampoornesh Babu, known for his roles in parody movies, is taking a bold step with a new movie of his forte and he did a fantastic job. Sharanya Pradeep delivered the role of a post office officer and gave a remarkable performance, despite her limited screen time. Sr. Naresh strengthened the film with his convincing performance.


The story revolves around the vicious rivalry between Venkatesh Maha and Naresh, who are competing for the role of Village President. The key element is Martin Luther King’s deciding vote, portrayed by Sampoornesh. Sharanya who played as the post officer, underwent a significant transformation for her role. The first half of the film predominantly sheds light on the discrimination faced by the protagonist due to his caste. It portrays how society suitably changes their behavior when they require his assistance. The second half of the film shows the fierce rivalries between politicians. The direction is so good that despite the powerful social message of the film, it maintains good humor. The film offers a satirical take on the political landscape. The director introduces the village atmosphere with rustic cinematography, the wit of the locals, street-smartness, and the magnitude to which two opposing party leaders go, out of the huger for votes. The film is backed by great musical tracks.

What’s There?

  • It educates us about the political system and its loopholes which are ill-treated.
  • It has an excellent storyline and screenplay.
  • This film provides us with appealing music tracks.
  • Most importantly this film is highly relatable.

What’s not There?

  • This film is quite slow-paced.
  • It kind of lacks in delivering logical consistency.


It's for sure a must-watch film, it educates us about the flaws in our political system, such as hypocrisy, political rivalry, and our society. It lacks good narration, occasional delays in logic and facts, and somewhat average content do impact its overall impression.