Melnaattu Marumagan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Melnaattu Marumagan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-02-2018
Genre: Romance, Drama
0.5 / 5.0

Everyone has a dream to come true and what will you do if you have an opportunity to make it come true. This idea is depicted in the most horrible form in the film.


Sakthi the tourist guide who has a dream to Marry a foreigner and his dream comes true when he meets Adrienne his new tourist from France. Tori Davis, the way he tries to impress her and how she gets impressed from him and the climax beholds whether they both end up together or not.


The story of the movie is very poor direction makes you feel that you have been dragged for 2 hours and acting is also very horrible in the movie makes you question your existence. The music is below average somehow the cinematography is average production is also something which is needed to be worked on after this movie. The narration of the story is nothing more than a lullaby, you will definitely sleep. Screenplay and dialogues are also nothing more than an off-tune saxophone.

Star Performances

If you are genius at playing guitar it doesn't mean that you can play the piano well although both are related to music propose totally different instruments similarly Rajkamal might be a great actor on TV but when it comes to a movie no one will pay you for watching him for 2 hours. The acting is very poor the actors are not able to make a connection with the audience. Adrianne also acts very poorly. Both the stars black chemistry completely and the movie completely loses its grip as the script demands the story to be on the shoulders of Adrian and Rajkamal. Dubbing of Adrian is done by herself.

What's there?

• Absolutely nothing

What's not there?

• Everything


If you are so interested in wasting time go study nursery rhymes once again it's more of a fun.