The Guest is a movie which comes from the director of ldquo YOU rsquo RE NEXT rdquo Adam Wingard rsquo s and featuring a standout performance from Dan Steve

The Guest Movie Review

The Guest Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Guest"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 17-01-2014
Genre: Thriller
3.5 / 5.0



The Guest is a movie which comes from the director of “YOU’RE NEXT” Adam Wingard’s and featuring a standout performance from Dan Steve. A movie which is action packed, tense and unpredictable film, based on a storyline you’ve never seen before.

Plot: The Peterson family consisted of the husband, the wife, and their children.They lost their elder son Celeb in a war in Afghanistan. David Collins visits the family; he claims to be anex- soldier and Caleb’s close friend, and he is here to take care of Caleb’s family. David is gracious, warm and sociable towards the kin. David hears of Mr. Peterson’s trouble at work and one day sees Luck come back home with an injured eye, with Luck’s aid he follows the student who attacked Luck at the bar humiliate them in a brawl and uses his understanding of the law and convince the bartender not to tell anyone.

David goes to a social gathering with a hesitant Anna, in which he saved his pal Kristen from her ex-lover, also inquisitive about someplace to buy guns from Anna’s friend Craig. While returning, she offers David a mix CD. He teaches Luke some self-protection moves and gives him a knife. He buys the arms from Craig and his ally, then kills them and takes all the weaponry. Doubtful Anna calls the military base to stumble on about David and gets to know that David is dead in the war, watch the movie and find out who is pretending to be David and why is he helping the family.

Analysis: Wingard’s knows how to mesmerize his audience, in the movie “The Guest.” He has engaged the viewers with a distinct slickness and snap, the movie does not stick to a single genre, but it is a beautiful combination of horror, black comedy, psycho thriller and social commentary throughout the film, which keeps the audience off balance.

Stars Performance: Dan Steve (David) has performed really well and justified the action sequence. Brendan Meyer (Luke), Maika Monroe (Anna), Sheila Kelley (Laura Peterson), Leland Orser (Spencer Peterson) have also justified their roles and movie has got a very good response from the audience.

What’s there?

1) Plays a guessing game with the audience and is completely entertaining.

2) Dan Stevens leading performance.

3) Throwback ‘feel’ soundtrack is good.

What’s not there?

1) The story was little awful because of a poor plot.

2) The movie is little confusing.

3) Audience may find this eccentric to appreciate a thriller like this.

Verdict: This movie is not for everyone but for those who are looking for entertainment in the shrewd satire.