What Speed Should You Make Your Calls In Poker?

What Speed Should You Make Your Calls In Poker? English Article

Fast or slow, what is the right speed for making calls in poker? There are advantages to both, plus times when a fast play is definitely more advantageous.

There is so much to think about when making a call in poker. In addition to deciding whether you have a good hand, either to push or to bluff with, you also need to think about the speed with which you make your calls. Fast or slow, which is right for you?

The Cards

The most important consideration you need to make when choosing the speed with which you make your calls is the cards in your hand. Though you are the only one who can see them when they are first dealt, the speed with which you call might give a signal to your opponents as to what you have in your hand.

Call quickly and it could be a sign that you have a really good hand. You are confident in what you have been dealt, and you are willing to play aggressively if it means that you will come out on top. If you are more hesitant, it could be an indicator that you are not as confident about your hand as you would like to be. It takes a little more time for you to decide what the right play could be before you choose to make it.

The Game

Where are you playing? Playing online at a site like GGPoker UK could be a very different experience to playing at a live table. The game needs to move forward at a good pace regardless of where you are playing. Take too long to make a decision and your fellow players can become restless. This can lead to a lot of jibes and anger, and you might potentially feel pressured to make a call that you don’t want to.

When playing online, there might be time limits in terms of how long you have to make a play. Take too long and you could get a warning that you might be booted for inactivity. This is something that you should try to avoid as it will be a waste of your time and buy-in. Keep playing, make sure that you are fully engaged, and don’t take too long with your calls even if you have to think about it.

The Draw

In the first round of betting, you really should not be hanging around. This is where you have to be quick – leave the thoughts for the much later rounds when you actually should be thinking about the plays you want to make.

Unless you are one of the Blinds, and therefore needing to make mandatory bets, you should be able to quickly reach a conclusion depending on the cards that you are dealt. Have you got a decent hand, like a pair or some high-value cards like an A, K? If so, you should bet. Throw some chips on the table and let the play move on. If you have a low-value hand, you have a few options. You can fold immediately if you are not a blind, or you can play a while and try to drive the value of the pot with your bluffs. Whatever you decide to do, make it quick!

Choosing to play either fast or slow is something that cannot be decided quickly. There are several options that could work for you. Remember to bet quickly in the opening rounds, though you can take it slower in the later rounds if you want to. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it is precisely the right play for you in that moment! Poker can be a fast-paced game, but if you need it to be a little slower there is definitely the capacity for it.