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Boxing is not a very popular sport. In bookmakers' tables, it can be seen less often than football or hockey. But still, boxing bets are actively accepted in every BC, even though there are few events. By the way, you can place bets on the Betwinner website. Margins are often more than 10%, and there may be unfair matches in minor tournaments. Only professional boxing is available for betting, not amateur boxing. The last type is most frequently found at the Summer Olympic Games.

We study the odds on the underdog

Underdog quotes are typically overstated, and leader quotes are the opposite. Modern boxing offers fights with the participation of real professionals in their field - fighters who have built up a reputation over the years. There are almost no boxers left who have not been defeated. Therefore, you cannot judge favorites as winners. It is impossible to make accurate bets on boxing predictions.

There is always a risk of making a wrong assumption, and even forecasts from leading analysts cannot guarantee a 100% result. You should not succumb to the emotional component and run for inflated odds on weak boxers, this is very often observed in bookmakers. But on the other hand, it is worth understanding that a strong boxer is not always a one hundred percent victory. The final result is influenced by many factors, including the personal characteristics of the participants in the fight.

Even if the odds on the leader are low, there is no need to get upset and change your strategy. Betting on boxing is still worth it. There is a place for sensationalism in boxing, and the exact result is unknown. The victory of the favorite means the absence of a show that the audience needs. It happens that overconfident athletes lose in the very first round. Even with a losing bet, you can count on revenge. Tips for winning bets

It is recommended to study the betting on boxing reviews on the forums of bookmakers. They are formed on the basis of the experience of bettors and real tips about the game. Here are some actionable tips:

  • the bet is on an experienced and competent athlete;
  • the commercial side of the transaction is taken into account;
  • the boxer's anthropometry is taken into account;
  • a strong-willed and strong-minded fighter is chosen;
  • you can't rely on hitting.

There is no single correct advice on how to bet on boxing. You need to choose an athlete who adheres to his strategy and fighting tactics. He must be able to distribute his forces during the battle. A professional in his field will force his opponent to play by his rules.

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Boxing is not only a sport, but also a commercial, entertaining and profitable show. When a fighter gives hope and is promising, he is helped to reach the professional level. Anthropometry is also an important point of assessment. It is necessary to take into account the natural weight of the boxer. Body weight gained as a result of exercises and diets is not taken into account. It is necessary to evaluate visually, in the process of weighing. It is important to remember the length of the arms and height.

It is better to place boxing bets on a strong-willed, strong-willed boxer. Perseverance and the desire to win have a great impact on the result. You can never rely on the leader's blow, on the knockout. A knockout is only good with a decent opponent. A professional will never let himself get close to an opponent and will not allow himself to be knocked out. Pros and cons of betting on boxing

The first and biggest plus is the individuality of this sport. The fighter acts for himself, there is no risk of losing due to a mistake by the team. As a rule, this allows you to make more accurate bets on boxing predictions. This type of bet has a significant number of advantages, which has affected its increased popularity. Among the main advantages of betting on boxing, the following can be distinguished:

  • a lot of available information about fights, bets, bookmakers;
  • favorable coefficients;
  • many types of bets;
  • different strategies at the institution.

Well, as for the disadvantages, there are not so many of them. Speaking about the disadvantages of betting on boxing, the following features can be highlighted:

  1. sometimes the BC line is exhibited only by the most status fights;
  2. the risk of losing due to human factors: – injuries, poor physical condition;
  3. schedule with a few bets (for example, only on the result).

Often there is a scandal between the judges, when the victory goes only to the favorite, although his opponent fought better.

Questions and answers

What are the types of betting on boxing?

You can place bets on boxing depending on the popularity of the competition. For ordinary events, there can be more than traditional bets.

What do you need to know about strategies?

Boxing is a specific sport, there are not many options for the development of the fight. There are also few betting strategies, but they are there.

How to put it correctly and without risk?

Betting on boxing matches has strategies, at first glance, everything is clear. In the ring there are two rivals (favorite and underdog), fans making bets. But bookmakers cannot offer a bettor too profitable and simple sport. BC frequently overestimates the chances of little-known boxers. In this way, the bookies increase their chances of income and make it difficult for sports bettors to make a correct guess at random. Here, just one random assumption cannot be dispensed with, it is important to analyze the fights and the athletes. The analysis consists of many factors, and they must be taken into account.

In addition, for betting with the betwinner app you must have good quality internet, so that the odds are updated without any problems in