Do Casino Movies Inspire GamStop Creators?

Do Casino Movies Inspire GamStop Creators? English Article

Despite the fast pace of publishing studies in the applied sciences, conducting scholarly humanities research is much lower. Furthermore, applying these studies is subject to controversy among the public and scientists alike! One of the most famous examples is gambling addiction.

Although you may consider it an "addiction" like many others, many researchers think that it is not an addiction in the first place because it does not involve drugs! Those researchers argue that any "bad habit" cannot be considered an addiction overnight. In this sense, video games, social media, exercise, working for long hours can all be addictive activities.

Despite this controversy, it is theoretically and practically proved that gambling is addictive. However, there is a severe shortcoming in understanding this type of addiction's genetic and psychological causes. So, it isn't easy to deal with it practically. For example, the causes of heroin addiction are known. Therefore, pharmacists have created appropriate medicines for all stages of treatment and recovery from its addiction. As for gambling addiction, there are no drug treatments for it, and the charities only provide info, advice, and support sessions. So, it is easy for anyone affected by problem gambling to relapse again.

UK & Gambling Addiction

A century or more ago, a whole industry of "tipping" emerged on the sidelines of horse racing, sports betting. This industry later expanded to include other sports. Land-based casinos have increased and spread over the United Kingdom in the same vein. According to Finder, 47% of Brits have placed at least one bet in the past four weeks.

In the year 2000, the online gambling industry emerged, and, as expected, they were trendy among the British. However, the massive popularity of gambling in the UK raised the concern of officials and government bodies; on top of them is the UKGC. So, they decided to take these strict measures to protect vulnerable players:

  • The UKGC has created the national online betting self-exclusion scheme, GamStop, to help players exclude themselves from all internally licensed gambling sites with just one request. is a perfect example of one of the best non Gamstop Casino platforms.
  • Banning credit cards at gambling sites.
  • Limit in-game bonuses and graphical features that make players feel the imminent win. So, he bet again and again, since then he was close to winning!

Some of these measures are good, but the lack of in-depth studies sometimes leads the UKGC to act foolishly. For example, in 2020, some UKGC officials gave press statements that they considered classifying the companies operating the fantasy sites and apps as "gambling providers"! These companies quickly clarified that their services are not related to gambling as they do not involve financial rewards, unlike sports betting.

How Movies Created an Unreal Picture of Gambling Addiction?

There are so many concepts that cinema has unrealistically portrayed, yet it is the number one source of info for the public.

In retrospect, a movie like The Gambler, released in 1980, made a massive impact on the public image of gambling addiction, even though it wasn't prevalent. Besides cinema, there are a lot of actors and politicians who lose their money because of gambling, which reinforces the bleak image associated with green tables. However, this is not the case with everyone! If we take into account that 47% of Britons have placed at least one bet in recent weeks, we cannot consider that 47% of Brits are addicted!

Despite the broad influence of cinema, novels, and folk stories, it is important to separate facts from myths when gambling becomes problematic behavior. This is exactly what GamStop does, as it helps players who are prone to gambling addiction stop gambling with just one subscription for periods ranging from 6 months to 5 years. During this period, the player will not access any of the UKGC licensed sites. However, it is clear that the temptation is still stronger than the ban, as the British players are actively searching for casinos, not on GamStop.

Movies may be a great way to raise awareness of problem gambling, but you can't consider them a source of accurate info. For example, if a hero has a gambling addiction and loves to drink alcohol, this does not mean that drinking alcohol causes gambling addiction!

What Are the Most Notable Gambling Based Films?

Many Hollywood films revolve around gambling, among which:

  • Uncut Gems
  • Mississippi Grind
  • Maverick
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Casino Royale
  • 21

You can enjoy watching these movies everywhere on Netflix or TV channels. Poker alone takes up the lion's share of this list, and all films revolve around gambling in general. However, some other movies are about blackjack. Any gambler should watch these movies as a lesson in the importance of avoiding gambling addiction.