7 Writing Hacks You Need To Become A Great Writer

7 Writing Hacks You Need To Become A Great Writer English Article

Troubles await writers at every corner, and they often don’t know how to beat them. Luckily, every poison has an antidote, just as your writing block can be overcome. With our guidelines, experts, young writers, and students no longer need to rely on someone’s help and write in the search bar, “please, write my essays because I can’t cope with it alone!” In our article, we show you the opposite: “Yes, you can make your text engrossing!”

Block #1: “I can’t start writing!”

Many writers can’t find the motivation for their new texts. What can be helpful in this case?

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After you’ve got some writing experience and it is still difficult for you to try something new, consider this fantastic idea. Distract yourself from contrasting activities such as sports, playing board games, or housekeeping. Subconsciously, a writer thinks about further text and develops ideas in their mind during these activities. This brainstorming process can generate a lot of new content and help you in writing.

Block #2: “My topic is not interesting!”

Nobody denies the author should work well on a topic they choose. But what should a writer do if he or she has no inspiration to break into specific story elements?

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Every story is unique, and you have to deal with it. If you write a chapter that doesn’t inspire you to research details or write an article assigned by your boss, and the topic seems boring to you, there is one little secret to the rescue! Watch YouTube bloggers that can tell a compelling story even on the less engaging subjects. For example, the Wisecrack channel is a great place to find literary summaries represented with humor and interesting facts about the book, so even a book hater would like to read it. Apply the same to your writing! There are actually many interesting moments about your topic you can’t see at first sight, and it is absolutely normal.

Block #3: “My writing is a mess!”

Often writers come up with this expression as an excuse for their long writing break. Every author faces this block and listens to this deceptive inner voice. Thankfully, you have an antidote!

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When you haven’t been writing for a long time, you can definitely lose the point of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and styling issues. To break this down, we recommend practicing a lot and check your writing with grammar checker tools. Maybe this state wouldn’t be a new one to you, but even Steven King is a human, and he can make writing mistakes. Only daily practice and work with a dictionary can lead you to better writing, so you don’t need to scold yourself for having untidy text.

Block #4: “Nobody likes my writings!”

First of all, remember, it is hard to please anyone if you are not a one hundred dollar bill. Let’s reveal what really hides inside of this block.

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Try to like your writing on your own and forget about being suitable for everyone. Even if you write a story or a novel on a specific theme, there is always your group of people who would be interested in your literary genre and writing category. Don’t be afraid of yourself, and show your texts to ten people to collect additional feedback on your content. Even when someone says your work doesn’t deserve to be shown to a wide audience, another may take it as a masterpiece.

Block #5: “My narrative is too boring!”

When you are not interested in what you are writing yourself, it is difficult to engage others. It may seem to you that this block is similar to the second one, but they are slightly different. Let’s consider it in the magic solution.

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When your topic is not attractive, you can get it even before you start, but when you are tired from your own story in the middle of the writing process, it is another problem. That’s the difference between the second and current points. We recommend resolving it with more profound research so you can get in-depth knowledge on your topic and unleash your inspiration to continue writing in a better mood.

Block #6: “Nobody needs what I am writing about!”

This is one of the biggest beginner writers’ omissions. In the next section, we’ll explain why your story matters.

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Even if you write an article about the ten best hammers for repair, it could be essential for builders. If the writing task seems ridiculous, don’t be in a hurry to get upset. Settle down with the idea that there are many industries in the business world, and your text will surely match specific needs. It is even better that you can write about narrow topics because it means you will better concentrate and become knowledgeable faster in other topics as well.

Block #7: “I am too great for writing!”

It sounds like a joke, but it often happens with writers. As Amedeo Modigliani said, it was senseless to make a new painting because it only spoiled the canvas, and the same writers feel when they see a blank paper.

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Some writers think they are too good to write, but this is only the reflection of fear that lays deeper. Find out whether you are really so significant in writing now by asking your closest friends, teachers, or people from the writing community for feedback. Some writers who used to practice a lot in one aspect can lose their inspiration and even personal writing style. To give your text a rebirth, try your hand in various genres. Move from corresponding articles to creative copywriting or add more comedy instead of drama to your stories.

We hope this writing therapy helps you a lot in various situations when you face difficulties. Remember that all blocks are hidden in our brains, and readers can’t know about them. Consider these points as starting material to work with when you get back to writing and implement your brave thoughts on paper easily!