Bhagavati Charan Panigrahi Odia Actor
  • DOB : 01-02-1907
  • Date of death: 23-10-1943
  • Star Sign : Aquarius

Bhagavati Charan Panigrahi is an Indian writer and politician. He was born in Vishwanathpur village of Puri district, Bengal, to a super talented family of writers. His brothers, Dibyasingha and Kalindi Charan Panigrahi, were renowned writers. During childhood, he followed in his family's footsteps in the freedom movement. He developed firm political views, commitment, and humanism toward his nation under the influence of illustrious freedom fighters of Satyabadi, such as Gopabandhu, Nilakantha, Godavarish, and Krupasindhu. Their lifestyle, compassion, and patriotism transformed Bhagavati's life. He was the establishing secretary of the communist party of India in Odisha. Bhagavati had a short literary career. He wrote around a dozen short stories such as Shikar, Mimansha, Jhada, Majlish, etc. Shikar, being one of the most notable artworks depicted the misery of tribals during British rule.

Many stage play’s theme revolved around Bhagavati's short stories. Politically, Mahatma Gandhi’s political ideology was a huge inspiration for Bhagavati. He was also the founding member of Netaji's forward bloc. During the freedom movement, Britishers arrested Bhagavati under the charge of conspiracy against the state. He was sentenced to a two and half years jail term in Angul jail. Bhagavati got back on his feet after his release from jail in 1942. He remained busy providing relief materials to the drought afflicted people in Ganjam and Koraput. At the early age of 35 only, in 1943, Bhagavati breathed his last after falling ill due to an irregular diet and unhygienic conditions in the drought-afflicted areas. Throughout his lifetime, Bhagavati monotonously served the nation both literarily and politically.