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Nepali Singer Melina Rai
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Melina Chamling Rai was born on 7 December 1993 in the beautiful tea state of India, Darjeeling. Her parents gave her Anjula as her birth name, but her sister later changed the name to Melina. She is the daughter of famous Nepali music composer Jibes Rai. At 10, with her father and sister, she went to Nepal, her native place, to complete her studies. Melina finished her schooling at Arun Jyoti Vidya Mandir in Kathmandu, Nepal, while she received her bachelor’s degree from Tribhuvan University.

Melina Rai recorded her first song as a child artist at 11, and Himal ko Kalh was her first song. 2014 was a big break for her when she sang as a playback singer in the Nepali movie November Rain. Her song, Pal Bharmai Khushi, bestowed her a lot of recognition. 2017 was dedicated to her awards and art when she received the award at the Radio Kantipur Awards for the best playback singer female.

Her acclaimed hit song Kati Ma Samjhu made her a singing sensation. The singer owns more than hundreds of songs for various movies in her soulful voice. The singer gained respect with various YouTube releases like Kutu Ma Kutu, Kahani Yo Prem Geetko, Rupai Mohani, and many more. The singer has also given her voice to famous Nepali movies like How Funny and Yatra. She has collaborated with famous artists like Rajina Rimal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Sanjeev Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , making her a known face in the Nepali music industry.


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