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Bihari Movie Actor Arjun Chakrabarty
  • Date of death: 05-03-1990
  • Gender : Male
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Arjun Chakrabarty is a famous name is the Bengali film industry. Born to famous actors, Sabyasachi and Mithu Chakrabarty Mithu Chakrabarty is the wife of a Bengali actor S >> Read More... , Arjun has indeed flourished into a big name with commendable acting skills. Gaaner Oparey Gaaner Oparey is a Bengali serial that got aired f >> Read More... , famous Bengali serial, which was produced as a remembrance to Rabindranath Tagore on his 150th birth anniversary, was produced by Ideas Creation, and casted Arjun for the lead protagonist in the musical show. Playing the infamous ‘ Gora The television show Gora is taken from the famous >> Read More... ’ character, Arjun became a household name in the Bengali demographic. The show aired on Star network from 28th June, 2010.

Having risen to such fame, Arjun is not short of opportunities in Bengali movies. He made his Bengali film debut on 7th December, 2012, with Bapi Bari Jaa. This movie has the same love interest as that in ‘Gaaner Oparey’. Arjun is seen opposite Mimi Chakrabarty in the movie. Sudeshna Roy Sudeshna Roy is an Indian actress, writer cum dire >> Read More... and Abhijit Guha Abhijit Guha is an Actor, director, and writer wor >> Read More... directed this.

After the debut, there was no stopping this young actor. A big line up of movies were on his way and he continued his journey in the movie industry. He kept himself confined to Bengali movies and signed many movies in the coming years. In 2014, he was seen in movies like Jodi Love Dile Na Prane, Bonku Babu, Janla Diye Bou Palalo, and Kokhon Tomar Ashbe Telephone.

By 2015, Arjun had already created an identity for himself. He was seen in movies, attending interviews and addressing controversies. He was also seen in a couple of movies in 2015, including Auto No 9696. Donning the role of an auto driver was a new challenge for Arjun, he said in an interview. But it was also exciting and new, and he claims he craves variety.

Awards and applauses were obvious for him. He received the ‘Rising Star’ (Male) award from the Big Bangla Star awards in 2011, among others. He continues to shoot for movies. His recent project being Akash Choa, which is the one to look forward to.

On June 6th, 2015, Arjun was engaged to his girlfriend, Sreeja Sen. It was believed to be a hushed affair and only family members were invited. The young and handsome actor is expected to marry this year. The actor is also called as Rishi by his close ones.

The Chakrabortys’ Family Tree (Infographic Family Tree)

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