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Krishna Kulasekaran is popularly known as Kreshna in the Tamil film industry. Kreshna worked for one and half years in IT sector and then left for the US to complete his MBA degree.Kreshna has also undergone gtraining in Jazz music and dance in the US. The actor is the son of noted film producer K.K Sekar. Kreshna looks adorable in this set of pics. Kreshna is wearing a blue jacket and denim while on the stairs.

The background has been painted white in color. There are packaging materials kept aside the actor. Kreshna has put on brown leather boots for the shoot and is holding brown goggles in his hand. Kreshna is seen in funny postures wearing a maroon T-shirt with skull printed on it.

The actor is holding spectacles in his hand and has worn a brown wrist watch. Kreshna looks bold with the suit and the light blue shirt with loafers. In a an adorable scenery, Kreshna gives a marvelous pose in a brown suit and denim. Kreshna looks quite simple in white shirt and denim with black shoes. The actor has many successful ventures in his name.