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Malavika Nair


Malavika Nair High Quality Photo Stills

Malavika Nair is a multitalented actress who stepped into the film industry at a very young age. Malavika Nair was born in 1996 in New Delhi and moved to Kerala with family. Malavika Nair used to appear in different commercials and finally got her break at the age of 13 years. Malavika Nair has appeared in movies shot in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages.

Malavika Nair is an award winning actress. The stills were taken during an interview of Malavika Nair. Malavika Nair is in a gray colored shirt that has two pockets. Malavika Nair is in black trousers and was found in different parts of her home. Malavika Nair has made beautiful patterns of Mehendi in both of her hands. There are patterns of flowers, curls, and rings in the Mehendi designs.

Malavika Nair has put on a beautiful wrist watch which is white in color. The teenage actress is wearing a silver bracelet that was arranged as a pattern of bangles. Malavika Nair has a slender body and a charming smile. The celebrity has a long way to go.