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Shiza is a Pakistani TV serial aired on ARY Digital on March 11, 2017, every Saturday at 9 p.m. Syed Ramish Rizvi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the director, while Syed Atif Ali Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the writer of this series. Its star cast includes Aijaz Aslam Aijaz Aslam, an actor by profession, was born on O >> Read More... , Sanam Chaudhry Sanam Chaudhry is a young and gorgeous Pakistani a >> Read More... , and Farhan Malhi. The series showcases the bitter truth of the societal norm of underestimating women. This TV serial is the heart-wrenching tale of a young girl Shiza (Sanam Chaudhry), who is a victim of ill practices like child trafficking and daughter selling. Shiza is a lower-middle-class, sweet, and simple girl, capable of finding happiness in small things. However, her father became the villain of her life. Her father is addicted to gambling and ruining the lives of his loved ones

The limit crosses when he sacrifices his daughter’s life and her dreams to fulfill this addiction. He sells her to a wealthy businessman Faraz (Aijaz Aslam), in exchange for some money. Shiza is left disappointed and brokenhearted by the betrayal of her father. She relentlessly tries to talk some sense into him but to no avail. Faraz often mistreats her, and she longs for a happy life. Can Shiza ever escape her cruel reality for good? Will someone help her in her ordeal? What message will “Shiza” give to its viewers? The completed episodes of the series are answers to these questions.


Mawra Hocane Urdu Anchor
DOB: 28 September 1992
Mawra Hocane
Ali Zafar Urdu Singer
DOB: 18 May 1980
Ali Zafar
Sidra Batool Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 8 December 1985
Sidra Batool
Sarwat Gilani Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 22 October 1982
Sarwat Gilani
Farah Tufail Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 26 January 1987
Farah Tufail