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Bihane Bihane Hindi tv-shows on Mahuaa
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"Bihane Bihane" is a talk show genre serial which was started as an unprecedented effort on the first Bhojpuri channel named MAHUA TV to bring the entire family together and start your mornings. The show features musicals, cultural soft entertainment with features on travel, health, astrology and a visit to some of India’s religious places. "Bihane Bihane" is an anchor based morning show which features from 7:30 AM to 8 AM which makes the show more interesting for the viewer and also provides a healthy entertainment to the whole family. A perfect start to your morning, this show features various singers as special guests who will talk about various topics and issues with the affable and vivacious hosts Vijaya Bhartiand and her brother-in-law Ajit Anand Ajit Anand is a famous writer and actor. He has su >> Read More... . Born and raised in Chhapra, Bihar Ajit Anand had a lot of interest in singing.

He was so into music that he sang for hours while grazing his cows. At the set of "Bihane Bihane", Ajit met Pankaj Praveen and told everything about himself without any hesitation. Vijaya Bharti .Vijaya Bharti is a well-known talented Indian fol >> Read More... is dubbed as the “Bhojpuri Queen” and is a multilingual singer fluent in 18 Indian folk languages. With anchors as great and talented as these, "Bihane Bihane" has had the likes of famous personalities such as Akash Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Ashish Pandey Ayush, Virendra Dubey, Amar Kesari, Anamika Singh Anamika Singh, born on 11th December, is a well-kn >> Read More... and singer Santosh Sargam who talk about their lifestyle and hobbies. This gives the viewers an insight into the lives of the famous guests that are invited on the show. The show also provides performances from a lot of prolific and well-known singers which is just what the audience wants to see in the morning.

"Bihane Bihane" was started in 2008 and has been one of the most watched Bhojpuri shows ever to feature on Mahua TV. It not only was a good and healthy entertainment serial but also helped a lot of budding singers to come and perform on TV. Mahua TV was screened across the country which helped some of these singers reach new goals in their careers. "Bihane Bihane" has all the essence of what a full entertainment package looks like. Talking about day to day lives of famous personalities, health and various other topics which keeps the viewers well entertained in the morning.



Pakhi Hegde Bhojpuri Movie Actress
DOB: 5 March 1985
Pakhi Hegde
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DOB: 5 August 1969
Awadhesh Mishra
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