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Hamaar Sautan Hamaar Sahali Hindi tv-shows on Mahuaa
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Hamaar Sautan, Hamaar Saheli’ is an Indian Bhojpuri television serial, created by Rajesh Dubey   Rajesh Dubey is an Indian writer and actor who >> Read More... and written by Kovid Gupta Kovid Gupta is an Indian-American based author. Ap >> Read More... , Farid Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Manisha Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Rajesh Tripathi Rajesh Tripathi was a popular Indian Actor, writer >> Read More... . The show aired in November 2011, on the network Mahuaa TV, under Sphere Origins Production Company, with a run time of 20 minutes per episode. The main cast is Dolphin Dubey Dolphin dubey is an Indian TV actress famous for h >> Read More... (as Chanda), Geetika Shyam   Geetika Shyam is an Indian actress who has work >> Read More... (as Asha), Amit Shukla Amit Shukla is an Indian Actor, who mainly works i >> Read More... (as Nirbhay Singh), Nishant Mahim Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (as Madhav), Meera Gupta (as Lakhpati) and Nirmal Chaudhary Nirmal Chaudhary is a freelance actor, born and ra >> Read More... (as Ram).

The story revolves around Chanda, a naïve, tribal girl, who believes in love. When she meets Madhav, a young, handsome and romantic man, she falls in love with him. They plan their life together and want to marry each other, but all her dreams are shatter when she learns that her father, who is a raging alcoholic, sells her off to a man named Nirbhay Singh. Nirbhay wants to marry her. Initially, Chanda fights against the arrangement her father made, as she in love with Madhav and wants to spend her life with him. Chanda is made to believe that Madhav has run away and that he won’t return to her, so, she gives in and marries Nirbhay.

After getting married to him, she finds out that she is, in fact, Nirbhay’s Second wife and that his first wife and children reside in the same house. She feels betrayed and tries to leave, but she is tortured and abused by Nirbhay to provide him with an heir. Chanda feels deserted by losing her love and by being married to an abusive man. She, later on, finds a friend in Asha, who understands and helps Chanda deal with her emotions as Asha shares the same husband and goes through the same obstacles. Things get weird when Madhav returns and Chanda finds out that Madhav is her brother in law. Madhav explains to Chanda that he never wanted to hurt or leave her and that he was sent away, without having a say in it.

The rest of the story revolves around how Chanda, along with Asha, fight against everyone who denies her, her freedom and happiness. Will Chanda get her love back? Will Asha achieve her dreams? The show focuses on injustice and atrocities towards women, which makes it very relevant the female audience. It portrays the shackles drawn on women in this society and shows women empowerment by having the lead characters fight for what they want and not to settle for anything less than what they deserve.


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