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Shyam Tulsi Shyam Tulsi is a Tv serial airing on Zee Ganga cha >> Read More... is a Bhojpuri TV drama. It has 225 episodes. It is about a girl named Shyama. Shyama feels bad about how she looks. Her life changes when she meets Nikhil. He is a rich man who loves her. Nikhil supports Shyama's talents. He helps her gain confidence and become a singer. Shyama goes on a journey of self-discovery. She learns to accept herself with Nikhil's love. Shyama is played by Alisha Ray. Manu Krishna Manu Krishna is an actor famous for his role of Bh >> Read More... plays Nikhil. The show explores self-discovery. Shyama transforms with Nikhil's help. It shows the power of love and support. Nikhil believes in Shyama and empowers her. It also shows following dreams. Shyama works hard to become a singer. There is a lot of drama and emotion. Shyama goes through ups and downs. The audience sees her joy sadness hard work and success. This makes an engaging story. The series premiered in September 2021. It is available in the Bhojpuri language. Key moments are Shyama's wedding to Nikhil and her first performance. Nikhil's family initially disapproves of Shyama. But Nikhil stays loving and supportive. Shyama prepares for her first big show, building her confidence as a singer.

The audience goes on an emotional journey with Shyama. They relate to her struggles and growth. Watching Shyama gain strength inspires viewers in their own lives. The romance between Shyama and Nikhil is also heartwarming. Their love helps Shyama bloom. Overall Shyam Tulsi is about empowerment through self-belief and relationships. Shyama's transformation shows that dreams can come true. The engaging drama makes the 225 episodes captivating for viewers of all ages. Watch it on Zee5.



Shubhi Sharma Bhojpuri Movie Actress
DOB: 6 February 1986
Shubhi Sharma
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DOB: 5 August 1969
Awadhesh Mishra
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DOB: 15 March 1986
Khesari Lal Yadav
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DOB: 30 May 1976
Manoj Tiger