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Aanchal Hindi tv-shows on Mahuaa
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Aanchal is a Bhojpuri television series that caters to the family drama genre. Through the series, viewers are able to witness the normal lives of an Indian girl who has to face numerous constraints from her family, her in-laws, as well as the society. The story was broadcasted in Mahuaa TV. Mahuaa TV is one of the first Bhojpuri channels to be broadcasted on TV. The channel unlocks the Bhojpuri entertainment industry. The channel seeks to identify and incorporate the needs of the Bhojpuri Community through their programs. They are well known for their programs which have a strong local essence and a very balanced mix of aspiration and entertainment. The channel represents the next generation of Bhojpuri entertainment offering a blend of diverse programs such as serials, feature films, news, reality shows, etc.

The series is set against the backdrop of Bajitpur, a village located in the Vaishali district of Bihar, India. The story revolves around the life of Aanchal, a very kind-hearted and sweet village girl. She keeps a lot of faith in Indian traditions and cultures. Her father, Jai Singh, is the Panchayat head and always walks on the path of truth. But there are always goons like Rajeshwar Singh who try to divert Jai Singh’s path of honesty towards deceit. The main plot of the series is Aanchal’s love story. She is deeply in love with Subham and meets with him in secret as she doesn’t want her family to know. But on one such meeting, her sister Khusboo spots her. But out of sisterly love, she agrees to keep the affair a secret.

The twist here? Subham is Rajeshwar Singh’s son, the villain of the show and enemy of Jai Singh, Aanchal’s father! So as fate would have it, Aanchal could not marry Subham. She had to marry Abhimanyu, son of her father’s friend, to fulfill her father’s last wish before his death. She then came to Kolkata and her new life began. Her new life was filled with more problems. Her mother-in-law curses her at everything she does, her husband has an extramarital affair, and her husband’s hatred towards her broke her heart into tiny pieces. Towards the end, Abhimanyu’s, Aanchal’s husband, girlfriend Payal writes a letter addressed to him stating that she is going away forever as she would never want to be the person the society considers her, that is a mistress. She wishes to have respect in her life and she cannot have it by being someone's secret lover or a mistress.


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