Urdu Tv Serial Tum Kon Piya

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Tum Kon Piya is a Romantic Drama genre Show in the Urdu language. The Serial premiered on the Channel Urdu1. Production house Seventh Sky Entertainment created this Show. Yasir Nawaz is the Director of Tum Kon Piya. The Show depends on a Best-Selling Novel by Author Maha Malik. Young talented artists like Imran Abbas, Hira Tareen, Hina Khawaja Bayat, Ayeza Khan, Ali Abbas, etc. worked in this Serial. This Drama Show telecasted on 23rd March 2016. It airs at eight at night on every Wednesday Urdu1 Channel.

Tum Kon Piya was one of the most amazing Shows on Urdu1. The last episode of the Serial aired on 26th October 2016. Hina Khawaja Bayat gracefully played Sharafat Begum, Ali Abbas acted as Zarbab Khan on the Show, Ayeza Khan plays the role of Elma, and Imran Abbas looks great as Ramish Hassan. Tum Kon Piya is a TV adaptation of Maha Malik's novel with the same name ``Tum Kon Piya´´. Because of the Novel, some perusers might be as of now be acquainted with the story.

The story has an extremely vibrant 70's vibe. The story is about a young, good-looking, rich boy. He fell in love with a girl who is not so well financially. The other parallel tracks incorporate Sharafat Khala' home. She lives with her children. The eldest Zarbab's pay supports the home. His mother always keeps watching him like a hawk. She is not excessively glad that her little girl Sobia's friend, who is also her niece Javeria is all moony-peered toward her son. Khala orders Javeria to avoid her at all costs from her son. However, she has her weakness for her youngest child, who keeps her wrapped around his finger.

In the interim, Elma's dad is a persevering representative at his wealthier relative's factory. He drives home his class and status by his riding a brilliant blue bike. He interfaces with Ramish Hassan, who is a draining heart liberal set on imparting his dad's money with the workers who made it by promising them antedated rewards. lam's dad is a dedicated representative and kind-hearted chacha to his nephew. Ramish excessively regards and cherishes him sincerely.

His sudden illness drives Ramish to his home, where he sees Elma and instantly falls for her. However, for a chance, Elma also maintains eye contact with him so she is not some sharmili larki who can't manage the feeling of love. They used to have conversations which depicted the same. Ayeza Khan was stating these lines is the main thing that spares them from being an aggregate fiasco. Tum Kon Piya is the tale of a young girl who carries on with her life as per her dad's desires and tries to wind up a decent wife. However, sadly she didn't get any affirmation until her final breath.