Hindi Tv Show Naram Garam

Naram Garam Hindi Tv shows on Sahara one

Naram Garam was a cookery show, which was hosted by Chef Gautam Maherishi and directed by Sanjay Virmani. This show was premiered on Sahara One in India. This show helps you to cook varied types of gourmet food and refreshments in the sunny season. It was one of the best cookery shows for the viewers. One used to learn, how varied kinds of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables could be cooked in the summertime which would make a mouth watering dish.There were also summer chillier and salads for the audience to quench their thrusts.

The show was divided into three sections; each episode starts with a starter, a main course and a sweet dish. Examples are appetizers such as Kamal Kadki Kabab, Macaroni Salad and Minted Cheese Flan. And for the main course are like chicken Lollipop, Pudina Paneer and Karela Do Keema. And Baklava, Sago and Melon Soup and Stuffed Mango Kulfi are a few illustrations of tempting sweet course. Chef Gautam Mehrishi is an exponent of Indian Dishes. Gautam Mehrishi has over 13 years of experience in the cooking industry and has worked for several big brands in the business. He is currently the executive chef at Sun’n’Sand, Mumbai.

Naram Garam show had their tagline “Janiye Aur Sikhiye Swadisht khana Banane Ke Naye Tur Tarik Ab Ghar Baithe...Sirf Sahara One Naram Garam”.